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The Law Office of Lucy C. Collins, P.A. are trusted experts with practicing real estate law and business contract law in Panama City Beach. Attorney Collins is a solo practitioner, which means you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with your real estate lawyer. She is dedicated to her clients' long term success and to ensuring they have the clear understanding they need to make sound decisions involving any legal binding contracts.

Lucy C. Collins loves the Panama City community and is actively involved in caring for the overall success of Bay County, Florida. If you are ready to fully understand the legal ramifications of your signature and commitment to a legal contract - let's talk law.

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Our legal team will be in constant communications regarding your legal matter.

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Our legal team will be friendly, concise, and make the legal process easy on you.

The Law Office of Lucy C. Collins are here to handle your legal needs with the professional strength you expect and demand. With each step you will know that you are being cared for properly. The short term relationship will be built on trust with confidence as our lasting foundation.

Thank you for visiting the website of The Law Office of Lucy C. Collins, P.A. We’re located in Panama City Beach, FL and serve the surrounding areas. Attorney Collins practices real estate law and business contract law. She also helps clients draft and revise wills and trusts.

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